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Title:AgroCognitive powered by DASH - digital cash - Venezuela & LATAM (month 1) - 3yr DASH Exclusivity!
One-time payment: 92 DASH (7220 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 92 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-04-18 / 2018-05-18 (added on 2018-04-04)
Votes: 596 Yes / 108 No / 20 Abstain

Proposal description

  • DASH Exclusivity: 3 years minimum
  • Escrow: first month (this proposal) is an up front project's funding. For next proposals working with Dash Core for escrow agreement (pending to sign)
  • Category adoption: Use case (see this sample video!)
  • Primary sector: agriculture and food chain
  • Project roadmap:  4 months first delivery
  • Ask funds: proposal 2 (month 2 to 4) and proposal 3 (5 and 6)  - both with escrow
  • Geography scope: Venezuela (year 1) and LATAM (year 2 and 3)
  • Last recorded webinar link
  • Read this proposal summary in your native language: French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese
Benefits for DASH
  • Entering the root of the productive and commercial chain of agribusiness ensures the adoption of DASH in a sector with a high circulation of fiat currency 
  • DASH will be helping to fix an old problem: individual farmer can't access high tech to manage their crops (too expensive). Now people may have access to analytics service by not depending on banks, industrial monopolies, or governments! and will be able to pay for a cheap service that will allow them to improve their crops and reduce the use of environmental pollutants. More food and less expensive!
  • The AgroCognitive project will carry out training workshops (and attend to agro fair/expo) with farmers’ trade associations to teach the benefits of using DASH as real cash, not only to pay for AgroCognitive services, but also to buy materials and supplies among their community
  • We will promote with agribusiness customer to include payments in advance with DASH.This will incentives the use of the cryptocurrency within their suppliers (small farmers).
  • Following AgroCognitive planning, ONLY with two crop’s types by April 2019 we will have more than 4K new DASH’s users,  50K transactions in the DASH network for an equivalent of 600K USD
  • AgroCognitive already have reached out to Dash Core to arrange an exclusivity agreement for three years. DASH will be the only one cryptocurrency accepted and the only payment method during that exclusivity period
  • DASH will have all branding exposure and be the core of a project that was awarded as "The solution will change the lives of people in Latin America" and be the brand behind the technology that will revolutionize the new food economy in emerging countries.
Executive Summary
Today’s global agriculture is facing a lot of challenges to supply food to a growing demand while taking care of the environment and make it possible in the new emerging economy system.

Precision agriculture seeks to be efficient in terms of supplies (fertilizers, herbicides, etc.) and protect the environment, but this requires large investments in sensors and specialized devices that the common farmer (especially in Venezuela) can not invest.   

will ingest a photographic crop registry to deliver descriptive analytics (what is happening in your crops), prescriptive analytics (what you should do to fertilize, hydrate, fumigate, etc) and predictive analytics (what will be your crop output) at a very cheap rate for the farmer and using a universal and immediate technology like DASH as payment method, without banking or government intermediation. 

This proposal is to make AgroCognitive a reality with DASH’s technical and commercial integration. DASH Digital Cash will give feasibility to this project while the network ensures its adoption at the root of the food production chain and will have all branding exposure benefits

Next is our video and infographics,  would you like to know more? please visit pre-proposal:
The AgroCognitive team has been visiting some agribusness producers to gather opinions and testimonies about this project, the adoption and use of DASH and its benefits to the farmer. We have the first potential customer that would subscribe our service.
Welcome aboard to CENTRAL EL PALMAR  (go to pre-proposal link for more details)
The Market
The AgroCognitive project will start its training with two types of crops, we will choose Coffee and Sugar Cane (in this first phase of funding with DASH):
- Venezuelan opportunities (first year minimum goals):
  • Users: 4,000
  • Number of transactions: 50,000
  • Average USD per transaction: 13$
- Venezuela & LATAM opportunities (second year):
  • Users: 8,600 
  • Number of transactions: 110,000
  • Average USD per transaction: 105$
- Thrid year: upgrowth 30%

AgroCognitive funding
The AgroCognitive’s project funding will last 6 months, time taken by the technical implementation (development, integration with the DASH exchange platform, payments, etc), machine’s learning training, farmer’s community training, DASH education, etc. We will request the funds in to proposals according to the fulfillment of the implementation plan that is specified in pre-proposal link and escrow agreement (pending to sign)

First month funding is for 92 DASH, please look pre-proposal link for cash flow details


Dash Forum Thread – Pre-Proposal AgroCognitive  
Long video about how AgroCognitive works

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2 points,9 months ago
Voting yes worth a try
1 point,9 months ago
Thank you Schnuppdog!
You will see great results from this project! Regards
0 points,9 months ago
voting YES. This a complicated proposal. I hope it comes to fruition as planned. For projects like this though, Dash's volatility must be an issue?
Good aspects:
1) Dash in actual use
2) Venezuela is an obvious location where Dash can provide noticeable advantage over govt currency today.
1 point,9 months ago
Dear Criticalinput,
Thank you for your vote and trust. AgroCognitive's team is fully committed and have the technical skills to carry out this project and bring to the DASH network the benefits we have promised.
Volatility is a managed issue, and we'll be escrowed by Dash Core at second phase.
5 points,9 months ago
I really like that this is a real world use-case for Dash, and I like that it has an exclusivity deal and escrow, but at the same time I am concerned about the cost.
Your estimate is that "by April 2019 we will have more than 4K new DASH’s users, 50K transactions in the DASH network for an equivalent of 600K USD". Assuming the estimate is accurate, that would be a user acquisition cost equivalent of $150 per user, or $12 per Dash transaction.

Firstly, can you show that your estimate of 4k users in a year is reasonable? You said your update video shows that you have your "first potential customer that would subscribe to [your] service", so I am getting the sense that this project is really still at the ground level. Where is your 4000-user projection coming from?
Secondly even assuming the projection is more or less on the mark, how can we justify this expense?
3 points,9 months ago
Hi TroyDASH!
Thank you for supporting this innovation project.
AgroCognitive already have reached out to Dash Core to arrange an exclusivity agreement for three years. Right now Dash Core team is checking with the lawyers on the process to create this exclusivity agreement. We also are working with Dash Core to sign escrow for next periods proposals (not official yet, still working on it...sooon!)

The cost is for the inicial AgroCognitive's Machine Learning trainning, develop and go to market. First year revenue projections are the minimum target we are looking to reach in Venezuela (that will invoiced with reduced fares at 2 USD per hectare). So, yes, the average transaction will be around 12-15$.

For the two crops with which we intend to start, in Venezuela there is a total cultivated area of 1,200,000 hectares, almost half is in the hands of agribusiness companies and government. Both types of customers (agribusiness & farmers) are our business target. We have previous agreements with some agribusiness companies (like "EL PALMAR" we mentioned in testimonial video) and we could be monitoring an area of 250,000 hectares. With individual farmers we project 8% in the first year, which would add 50,000 for a total of 300,000 hectares being analyzed by AgroCognitive (for the first year, only in Venezuela). In this term, we estimate about 4,000 users and around 50,000 payments transactions with DASH

How we justify ?
Asuming pair DASH/USD rate reference 400$, DASH network will invest around $233K for a 100% cloud solution (no hardware, sensors, etc)
- First year revenue: > 600K (only Venezuela)
- Second year revenue: > 10M (Venezuela and LATAM)
Because this region it's one of the biggest promising agriculture area producing food for the world. Is our native market and we easily introduce AgroCognitive

Besides the numbers, we see DASH will be helping to solve a problem: people could have access to technology by not depending on banks, industrial monopolies (monsanto, syngenta), or governments to have real capacity to pay for a service that will allow them to improve their crops and reduce the use of environmental pollutants

Like any innovation project or big idea, we know that we will have skeptics and followers. We believe that it is a bet that makes a lot of sense for the DASH objectives, there are the machine learning capabilities to do it, we have about two years working on its design and we have had validations with farmers, agro-industry and technological allies.

Please TroyDASH let us know if each question was answered to your satisfaction and if you have more question we'll happy to answer.
PS: Tomorrow we'll be giving a webinar
2 points,9 months ago
Second year $10M revenue from farmers in venezuela? Your projections and plan does not appear to be realistic.

Saying you will get x% of the market without a functioning product is a leap of faith. And To say that farmers will pay you for machine learning is another leap of faith.

Have you spoken to any farmers so far who have said they will pay you for this?
1 point,9 months ago
Hi Jeremy54,

May be need to explain better:

Second year projections come from 20-30% upgrow in Venezuela, and the begining of selling AgroCognitive service in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and/or central america. We already has commercial partnership in that places. So our second year include others territories than Venezuela.

We don't have this service working due to need its machine learning engine's training and DASH payment procesor develop. We have a demo and it was showed to agro-industry, farmers & farmers associations in Venezuela, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Yes, they like it a lot and want this services as a better choice to other high tech Precision Agriculture solution providers out of their pocket (very expensive)

On april-25-2018 we'll giving a webinar to show numbers and explain details to community. You are welcome!

Thanks for your comments and regards!
4 points,9 months ago
Thanks for the answer but there should be a working product with paying users before this should be funded. Dash Treasury is not meant to provide seed capital to startups with ideas.
0 points,9 months ago
1 point,10 months ago
I got spammed about this on the dash forum. Not cool. But thanks for demonstrating the level of integrity.
2 points,10 months ago
Please forgive this behavior, it has not been our intention to bother you. We hope that at another time, maybe, you want to know about our project. We will be very happy to answer any questions and receive feedback. Regards
2 points,10 months ago
I'm glad you went through the pre-proposal process and were very receptive to the suggestions there. This has shaped up to be a great proposal, looking forward to seeing what your team can accomplish!
2 points,10 months ago
Thank you very much Arthyron for your support!
You were one of the first that comment, showed interest and gave us valuable feedback.
We appreciate it and will have a great pleasure to report our advances to the community and confirm were right to support this innovation project!!!
2 points,10 months ago
Dear jesccs,
As already said in Forum, i want to see where it goes.
A yes.
1 point,10 months ago
Thank you JoL for your trust, support and share our vision !
We are really committed to reach success with DASH :)
1 point,10 months ago
I would like to ask on this initiative a few questions: 1. How will the DASH branding be presented in this initiative? You have a good name but could it incorporate the DASH brand e.g. DASH AgroCognitive or AgroCognitive powered by DASH Digital Cash The reason I mention this is that if you have the DASH Digital Cash branding all the way through with the words "Digital Cash" it will be a very good form of PR for DASH and therefore for your project. In addition you could give links to other resources in your literature and on your website for people to learn what DASH is. e.g. There is a very good series of youtube videos created by DASH that explains all the basics in Spanish language. You could include these on your site e.g. here is one of them: but they have many others in the DASH 101 series. You can embed these videos free in your website.

In addition people are going to want help to get started with DASH. This is why it is worth your while mentioning in all your literature that there is a free DASH support centre both by phone, email and live chat:

Have you contacted the team at DASH Help Me?

DASH funded projects want to see our brand up first and foremost in any projects to raise our brand awareness. Can you state specifically how are you going to do this?
2 points,10 months ago
Hi DeepBlue. How good your question and advisory!

Our marketing team is designing a new co-branding of AgroCognitive and DASH logo. We like "AgroCognitive powered by DASH - Digital Cash", because it means that it is a technological and business "marriage". We doubted if we had the right to say DASH AgroCognitive, because it would be saying, in some way, that it is DASH CORE's product and we don't know if that is something the DASH's network wants. Do you think we could publish this new logo now (as part of current AgroCognitive campaign) or should we wait for our proposal to pass?

What you mention about the website, of course!!!! We are going to include lot of literature and media resources available about DASH! We have doubts about which approach to use, and we were waiting for our proposal to pass to consult Dash Core and Dash Forum preferences: If build a new website only for AgroCognitive or create a section on our current website And also how far is the scope we are allowed to do the DASH branding.

YES, we have spoken with @LorenzoRey from DASH HELP VENEZUELA's team to do a teamwork in our trainings and workshops to the farmers (some face-to-face or others remotely). These conversations have already begun (as with the CrypoLifeX platform team) for integrations with the rest of the DASH ecosystem in Venezuela.
1 point,10 months ago
Hello, Jesccs. I recommend you consult with Lorenzo at DASH help me he has contacts within DASH that may be able to help. It is important that the DASH brand be made available on all literature, website and as often as you can. This is good PR for DASH. If you can remember to include the words "Digital Cash" in Spanish of course so that people know what DASH is about. Good luck!
1 point,10 months ago
Thank you for your advisory. We already contact DASH HELP ME in order to get help with branding.

While, We'll using a new co-branded logo (look at
6 points,10 months ago
This is another very clever and well thought out project from Venezuela. We need more projects like this addressing very specific niche markets. It makes it much easier to tailor the message specifically to that niche. It is also much easier to focus on one specific market and learn all the key requirements for that market.

Well done on coming up with this project concept. Very clever.

Definitely YES!
2 points,10 months ago
We are very happy and grateful for supporting and sharing our vision!

If we want to achieve what DASH is: "Digital Cash", we have to enter into the people's economy and pockets. The farmer is a powerful niche for adoption and is the focus of our project.
Thanks a lot!
4 points,10 months ago
As I've stated in the forum, we need more proposals like this. A clear use case for Dash that helps people, makes economic sense and helps establish a Dash economy. Happy to vote yes
2 points,10 months ago
Thank you very much for supporting AgroCognitive and sharing our vision! Regards
3 points,10 months ago
Hello. We promote dash in Russia. Can you give contacts to ask some questions about dash in Venezuela?
3 points,10 months ago
If you love our project and would like to talk about bring DASH to the crops. You can reach us at dash forum @Agrocognitive @jesccs @TechGirl
2 points,10 months ago
Hi Helena,
You can look for them at dash forum. We could suggest
- DASH VENEZUELA: @algodon.franelas
Regards and thank you for your support
Javier Soto
2 points,10 months ago
jesccs thank you. I'll find you there )
3 points,10 months ago
Excellent video and proposal.

This is somewhat of speculative move I would say with regards to ROI. But, I would also like to say, if you win the farmers in a nation, you will win the nation. And farmers will always be looking for what is the best deal. There is really no argument against that.

Good luck!
1 point,10 months ago
Thank you very much for your support!
There are two ways to see the ROI: for the farmer and for AgroCognitive

For the Farmer:
The use of the AgroCognitive service will brings projected savings of up to 60% in supplies, 40% savings in labor, and crop's production improvement up to 31%. In their P&L, the cost of technical advisory and technology can represent 25%, with AgroCognitive it will be only 2%

For AgroCognitive:
Implementing and training AgroCognitive in 2 crops will require 250K USD of investment (funding) and at the end of month 14 the estimated revenues (only in Venezuela) will be 900K, discounting expenses, and the investment is 100% returned. Go to pre-proposal link to see full cash flow for 12 months

However, the purpose of AgroCognitive is to continue investing in its machine learning engine's training in more crops to take more market coverage, so far, by the second year we could have guaranteed revenues (including other Latin American territories) by almost 5M USD (all this paid with DASH)
1 point,10 months ago
Voting yes!
2 points,10 months ago
Thank you very much for your support!