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Title:Instantx Soda Machine (correct proposal)
One-time payment: 590 DASH (17423 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 590 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-01-06 / 2016-02-21 (added on 2016-01-02)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 1176 Yes / 522 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

Instantx Detecting Soda Machine.

Why a vending machine?
Because it shows off InstantX in a real world use point of sale scenario. This can't be done with any Bitclone(coins that confirm and secure transactions at the same time).

  • Ability to refund over/under payments automatically(no return address needed)
  • Detect InstantX payments
  • Ability to accept InstantX payments and reject standard payments.
  • BIP chain address control
  • Changing address and QR code for each transaction.
  • Activate relay or output for vending type device/gas pump/etc.

What does it do?
Displays a QR code to send Dash.
If the amount is sent via Instantx and the amount is equal or above the amount needed, it sends the command to credit the machine for 1 beverage.
This is fast - Instant from a human's perspective.
If the amount is less/over, it instantly returns the change.
If a standard transaction is sent it rejects it and instantly sends it back.  (Maybe display "We don't wait for block confirmations and either should you, InstantX instead!")
Once a purchase is made, it displays a thank you and rotates the QR code.

This isn't just a marketing piece.  We are designing the software for point of sale.  It will enable any new device to easily adapt the github packages.  Moocowmoo has done an awesome job with coding all of this.  Point of sale is what sets Dash apart form the Bitclones....This is what we need!

Where will this machine debut?
The North American Bitcoin Conference, Miami January 21-22 2016

Breakdown of Expenses
$100 Raspberry PI, relays, display
$200 Vending machine
$300 Fixing up machine, paint, compressor, etc.
$300 Graphics
$200 Transportation of the machine
$500 Travel to Miami
$500 Software Design
$400 Graphics Design
$2500 USD (650 DASH)

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0 points,8 years ago
Camosoul will store the soda machine Florida. There are some strategic places this could be put after the show, but nothing set in stone.

The value is in the software we(as in moocowmoo) are designing. That will be available on github when finished. Showing instant transactions with a soda machine is just one way to do that.
0 points,8 years ago
While I am for this type of thing, it does lead to a few questions...

Such as, who owns this vending machine that the community is paying for, and where will the profits go?
1 point,8 years ago
The orginal proposal from oaxacawizards consisted of 650 dash when only 590 Dash was available to allocate.
Evan then created a new proposal of 591 Dash but that was also too much (by 1 Dash).
Correct proposal is 590 Dash (this one) which fills it up pretty much completely.
0 points,8 years ago
I missed a few beats, how does cancelling the old one and creating this fix the budget being filled up issue? Thx
0 points,8 years ago
I voted YES, good luck with the soda machine on the North America Bitcoin Conference...
0 points,8 years ago
Please vote for this one and not 591-soda-machine! This one will be funded and not the other one due to the total budget being filled up.