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  • if this is your first proposal, please publish your proposal idea in the official DASH forum, before submitting it to the DASH network. You'll get valuable feedback and are able to make adjustments, to increase the chance that it will be funded.
  • after your proposal has been broadcasted to the network, it appears within 1h on and you can claim the ownership of your proposal to edit the title, description and images
  • please save the command and wallet output in a text document (for better support, in case something goes wrong)
  • in case the proposal generator is stuck or this page has been reloaded, you can still complete proposal submission by following the instructions in our faq
  • IMPORTANT: please make sure you enter as your proposal URL within the proposal generator. The part “proposal-name” has to be replaced with a proposal name chosen by you. e.g.

Please click here to open the proposal generator!