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Title:**UPDATE** ABEE Rideshare Collaborative Effort With DASH. Milestone Reached -- $20,000 worth of DASH Transactions
Monthly amount: 200 DASH (13804 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2018-12-17 / 2019-03-16 (added on 2018-12-14)
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Proposal description


Hello Dash Community, Since October 22nd our team has been on the ground in Bogotá, Colombia working with locals to uniquely target ten specific demographics and lay the seeds for our rideshare application launch. This initial phase is all about geographic testing and DASH education. We have finished our initial three groups and are glad to share that we have just reached our first milestone of successfully transacting $20,000 worth of DASH through the ABEE app (View here). Although many of these transactions were not spur of the moment users utilizing ABEE on a daily basis, they are nonetheless new users to ABEE who are learning how to use and transact with Dash on and off our platform. This is our first step, not only in bringing a new way for people to earn Dash but allowing people to use Dash for transportation services. With two months of funding, we can still increase our DASH airdrops to reach more people and continue our education process providing new users with an instant use case and experience of using Dash and the know how to do it again on their own.


Emerging in a $60 billion industry set to surge to over $250 billion by 2030, we at ABEE Rideshare have been working the past year and a half assembling a strategy, team, and application to compete with the leading rideshare companies. ABEE Rideshare will be the first rideshare company to introduce cryptocurrency payments and will be featuring Dash payments for its instant and low fee transactions coupled with its decentralized framework. ABEE already has a functioning app for both Android and iPhone where Dash payments are integrated. The first launch city for ABEE will be in Bogotá, Colombia in Q1 of 2019 and we will be co-promoting, educating and targeting specific demographics in the Bogotá area on Dash and ABEE at festivals, and workshop events leading up to and after our launch. Having already developed a functioning app and working with the Dash core group on integrating Dash payments, ABEE has skin in the game and is now looking toward the DASH network to collaborate with while marketing this new solution. 

We are asking for 600 Dash over three months to cover promotion of Dash at various events in Bogotá. Event goers would learn what Dash is, how it works and could use Dash to pay for their transportation directly after learning about it, rather than forgetting about the wallet that they downloaded on their phone. Paying for their ride in Dash will transform what the mainstream thinks about cryptocurrency with real world usage; people might have heard about cryptocurrencies, but this will be the first major use case for crypto that many will have experienced as we are targeting the transportation sector.

ABEE will be appearing at events in Bogotá and consistently hosting workshop popups to “seed” the new market we are entering into, essentially laying a framework of educated individuals who will have heard and used the platform along with DASH before our official launch where we will be ratcheting up our presence in the region in a major way and rolling out our launch app version which can be previewed here.

The seeding stage where we plan to collaborate with DASH will last from Mid-January through April where users will be given some Dash and will use ABEE to get home from the events and or workshops. Attendees to these events will learn what Dash is, how to download the wallet, and will be sent small amounts of Dash so people can understand how seamless Dash transactions are. As an incentive to simultaneously use Dash and ABEE following the event, event goers will be given a free ride to use in the following days or weeks. We will also take measures to ensure a safe ride home and minimal liability for ABEE as a company and DASH, a percentage would also go towards daily rideshare insurance specifically for these Dash promotion events as ABEE would be facilitating peoples' rides.


We chose to integrate Dash payments over any other cryptocurrency due to Instant Send and much lower fees than Visa and Mastercard processing, as we are attracting cost-conscious customers. Dash transactions also cannot be blocked in the same manner as debit and credit card payments are frequently denied. Due to these differentiators, not just in the crypto space but of all the currencies in the world, Dash will be the exclusive cryptocurrency payment on the ABEE platform for the foreseeable future and will also be the Sole payment option on the platform for the seeding phase of our launch.

ABEE will be accepting debit and credit card payments in the future in case riders do not have enough Dash on them to pay for the ride as they need the ability to make another payment. However, riders are incentivized to use Dash as every 10th ride they take with Dash will be free. Additionally, drivers will make 3% more when their riders are paying with Dash, due to the Visa and Mastercard processing fees. With Dash, riders can receive free rides and drivers get paid more. This will incentive the usage of digital cash, increase the traffic on the ABEE platform, while ABEE drivers are financially motivated to promote Dash to all of their riders. This equates to hundreds and eventually thousands of advocates for Dash in their everyday interactions.

As more riders are signed up on ABEE, it attracts more drivers on the platform who will become Dash advocates. More drivers will move over from Uber, Cabify and municipal taxis as they realize they can make substantially more money using Dash and ABEEs suite of features and that in effect will attract more riders to use Dash and ABEE. Customers who would appreciate ABEE, would appreciate Dash.

To generate awareness, this proposal would facilitate ABEE to do demographically-targeted education and promotion of Dash. People with limited or zero knowledge of cryptocurrencies would download the Dash wallet, the ABEE app, and Uphold for iOS, and be guided by ABEE ambassadors on the set up of each app, how to use the ABEE platform and guide new users on the fundamentals of sending and receiving Dash.

For those who sign up on Uphold and purchase at least $10, they will qualify for a free ride on ABEE and will be given $10 worth of Dash. After these efforts, ABEE will begin a new campaign for the users who have done these steps to keep them engaged and remain users of Dash and ABEE into the future.  

With this collaborative effort,  individuals who have no knowledge of Dash or crypto currencies in general could download the wallet, see how transactions work, then pay their driver directly with Dash and hop in the car to go home in a span of 20 minutes, realizing a strong transportation use case for Digital cash right away while using the ABEE app. Users will also have a portal to through our slide up ad previewer so new users can see other places in their region that also accept DASH. Dash integration is already implemented on the ABEE app; when payment in Dash is selected, riders are taken to the official Dash wallets on Android or iOS where the driver's address and exact fare is prepopulated, riders simply have to enter their pin, hit send, and their ride has been fully paid for with financial independence outside of the traditional banking system.

Here is an ABEE trip demo with Dash payment:

This is the address the rider paid the driver 0.005420 DASH to on Nov 9, 2018 at 12:54:03 AM:
The transaction was split instantaneously through BlockCypher with 90% going to the driver's wallet here:
and the remaining balance going to ABEE's wallet minus the transaction fee:

You can download the ABEE MVP app on the Google Play Store and App Store. We are currently completing a new update for both Android and iOS and we will have another update before our official launch with a new UI and a more robust platform. You can download our current MVP's below.

Play Store:
App Store:

Latin America

After a successful Bogotá launch, ABEE will be expanding across Latin America in Mexico City, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Lima to start. As can be seen by the usage of Dash in Venezuela, there is huge potential in LATAM due to the 600 million inhabitants that have a general distrust towards banks alongside disastrous monetary policies. Over 70% of the people in Latin America own mobile phones and 61% do not have access to formal banking services; Latin America has the perfect set of components for Dash transactions to encompass a significant part of these emerging economies. ABEE will be promoting Dash not just at these promotional events, but encouraging a constant theme for our users to become independent with their finances and to join the new evolution in money and banking.

In Latin America, taxi usage is greater than rideshare usage despite the safety concerns and lack of transparent pricing. There is a major opportunity for rideshare companies to obtain significant market share in LATAM, in the same way it has exploded in usage in the United States over the past five years. In light of Dash's recent success and momentum in Venezuela, we are evaluating the country as a market opportunity due to the high presence of Dash usage there.


Some key features of ABEE are cheaper fares, about 9% lower than Uber's until we reach significant market share, riders can receive substantial discounts on every ride they take with On Trip Ads by providing their feedback, and the Favorite Driver feature builds community as riders can select or schedule a ride with a previous driver they had a memorable experience with. We are also working on a blockchain-based voting system to let the users vote on updates they would like to see in the app.

By being a good-faith company, ABEE only takes a 10% fee to use our platform compared to 25%-50% with the competition. This ensures that drivers are incentivized to not only promote ABEE to everyone they know and meet, but simultaneously promoting Dash as they will earn more when riders pay in the instant digital cash. When we were evaluating cryptocurrencies to integrate into our platform, we looked for various characteristics ranging from reliable governance, fast transaction speeds, a strong community, and merchant acceptance. Not only has Dash proven capable of all of these, they have also shown a high level of professionalism when integrating Dash into our application with the help of the Dash Core Group.

When Dash Ventures becomes available, we would be interested in exploring a partnership and potentially giving a percentage of the company to the Dash Network.

We will evaluate and report back to the community every 30 days on the effectiveness of the marketing campaign; if it’s successful, we can explore doing another promotion in the future to increase Dash awareness and adoption.

The Original Founding Team behind ABEE:

Gilbert Brown
Founder and CEO of Alley Innovate, Special Project Operative for IBM's Special Project Branch, and a cryptocurrency investor and advisor since 2014.

Mukunda Ramac
With over 10 years of professional experience, Mukunda has served as Head Software Engineer for Google, Qualcomm, SAP Labs and Amazon

Joe Calder
Joe has over 10 years’ experience as Senior Program Manager, Board Advisor, and Chief Business Officer at Paypal, Visa, Pearson, Google and McAfee.

Josh McKenzie
Josh has served as Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Business Development for Echobox Audio, MikeVision Tech, and Innovation Tech Today.

Wulf Kaal
DLT Integration Advisor
A leading expert in Crypto Economics, Wulf is the Founder and CEO of Semada, Professor of Law at University of St. Thomas and Ex Goldman Sachs, Cravath, Swaine and Moore.

María Gima Arrocha
Intellectual Property Counsel
Maria is an attorney at law with specialization in Intellectual Property and Copyright in LATAM. Maria is the Director for AROC legal firm, Legal Director for Abierto Corp, and Attorney for Ballester Intellectual Property.

Will Sizemore
Business Analyst
Will has 20 years of professional experience as a Military Intelligence Administrator, Business Analyst, and Security Manager at the US Army, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and L-3. 

You can view our pitch deck and website below.

Pitch Deck:


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0 points,18 days ago
Have you guys added any drivers yet? A few months back when I was in Phoenix I tried using the app in several places around town but never had drivers available.
Has that changed?
Other than that it seemed like a cool app.
I'm adding this comment again because I couldn't get a reply below.
1 point,18 days ago
Hi Danny sorry for the delayed response, yes we have added drivers but not in phoenix. We did do testing there but since have discontinued and focused all of our attention and efforts on preliminary testing in Bogota and other LATAM cities. We have airdropped DASH to riders and drivers in Bogota and have seen them respond enthusiastically and have caught on to the payment flow quicker than anticipated. We have been doing some trial runs on the app with several dozen riders and drivers to see if any issues arise.
0 points,18 days ago
Ok cool
2 points,18 days ago
This is a super important propsal I hope that you can come back in a month or two and we can get this funded
0 points,18 days ago
Thank you for your support name3!
0 points,19 days ago
You should replace your wall of text with "Uber, but using Dash".

Anyway I'm voting yes x13.
0 points,19 days ago
voting NO. But, that said, with a bigger budget, it would be a yes.
0 points,18 hours ago
Thank you for the Critical input! Consider us for this month. We just hit our first milestone and with the help of you guys we can get more DASH into new users hands.
0 points,22 days ago
The budget is to tight right, but I would advise talking to Ryan Taylor of Dash core group how this could work as a Dash Venture.
Marketed right during a bull market it could yield higher prices for both projects as well.
1 point,22 days ago
Thank you for the suggestion, we have been collaborating with Ryan for a over a year now and he is aware of this proposal. In our opinion garnering thousands of users during the bear market might just be the right course of action. We are still moving forward with our strategy although this proposal would allow us to get DASH into more peoples hand quickly but we do understand the concern.
0 points,22 days ago
How many users are currently using the service? I don't think it's wise for Dash to fund a new startup during this tight budget cycle and price crash (not to mention potential legal issues in Columbia with riders/drivers). I appreciate the progress so far and would invite you to resubmit when more funds are available.
0 points,22 days ago
Hello Jmmon, In Colombia we have a few dozen riders and drivers that we have run through live rides to test the app. They all use the DASH that we have airdropped them, the app is performing well including our DASH flow. Its not our official pre-launch roll out but the users are pretty enthusiastic despite the legality issues. We have found in Bogota that a considerable amount of people use rideshare services, including government workers. Here is a good summary of the dynamic between the people and the taxi lobbied laws that are mostly there to appease the taxi companies but do not really deter users from rideshare platforms.

Thanks for your feedback jmmon and happy holidays!
6 points,29 days ago
In the USA, Uber and Lyft drivers proudly display stickers on their cars showing they are providing services. Not in Colombia. The service is considered illegal and must be transacted in secret.

In 2015, then President Santos demanded that Uber register itself as a taxi business. Uber did not comply. Authorities siezed over 1,200 vehicles and fined Uber.

When a person or group takes an Uber in Colombia, one rider must sit in the front seat. This is to avoid confrontations with Taxi drivers, who have committed violence against Uber drivers. It is also done to avoid confrontations with police.

Today, December 17, 2018, it was reported that an alleged Uber driver was fined 1,000,000 pesos (about $330 USD) and had his license revoked for 25 years for committing the crime of being an Uber driver.

Should a business that is considered illegal in the country it intends to do business in be supported by the Dash treasury?
2 points,27 days ago
Hi Ec1warc1, thank you for expressing your concerns and feedback. Just to clarify we are aware of this instances and the situation regarding rideshare services legal standing in Colombia. With the links and articles you've posted in mind lets bring to light that there are still 80,000+ rideshare drivers in 12 Colombian cities and taxi dissatisfaction is at an all time high. Despite these seemingly negative connotations you've pointed out rideshare still flourishes in Colombia and continues to be used on a daily basis. I hope you can understand this. On your point about should DASH associate itself with a company that is seemingly illegal in the region it intends to launch. To answer that i would point you to Ubers backing by SoftBank, Google and mega entities alike. They are still backing Uber even though it is considered illegal on the backs of taxi lobbyists in many countries around the world. I hope this finds you well and feel free to share any other concerns you may have.
0 points,28 days ago
Have you guys added any drivers yet? A few months back when I was in Phoenix I tried using the app in several places around town but never had drivers available.
Has that changed?
Other than that it seemed like a cool app.
0 points,18 days ago
I'm guessing this doesn't need a reply
1 point,29 days ago
Considering the information @ec1warc1 just disclosed I also find it hard to support a proposal which has more negative imolications than positive..

Voting No
1 point,29 days ago
Can you expand more about the AXB tokens? Specifically, do you plan to allow drivers to accept AXB token as a form of payment on the app? Do you think there's potential that the companies incentives to promote AXB could conflict with Dash's integration?

Can you also link me to where you've done your costing breakdown? This seems like quite a chunk to ask for relative to other established community building movements the network funds.
0 points,29 days ago
Hello Ageless, good questions.
AXBs are a reward program for users, they are not a form of payment. Riders can redeem them for discounted rides by earning them through our on trip ad portal. Drivers can earn them to ultimately upgrade their driver status and have the chance to give their riders discounts (monthly limit). Our goal was to double most of our features as perpetual curation tactic of sorts, keeping users engaged past the initial free ride phase all rideshare services go through.

The cost breakdown for what we are asking in this proposal is relatively straight forward, we plan to engage and target 1000 individuals from 10 different demographics. The amount we are asking in this proposal is simply airdropped DASH for all these new users so they can use DASH on ABEE. Our app also features an ad portal to so that users can see other places to use DASH and possibly take an ABEE ride there. Events, drivers, workshops and employee compensation is not factored in this as that is taken care of internally by us. This is our pre launch seeding strategy to educate and drive as many new and reoccurring DASH users as possible before we do our main launch. When our seeding pre-launch is complete we aim to have several thousand new wallets downloaded each used on ABEE and followed up with an incentive to buy DASH on uphold and use ABEE again. We will also be doing something similar part way through our official launch to garner even more DASH educated users to be apart of our platform.
0 points,1 month ago
Just doing a very brief look at the website to try to find out who is behind it, I find nothing there. Under "About Us", the BLOG, PRESS, and CAREERS pages say "Hello World". So, who are you? Why should Dash invest in this if the community doesn't know who is behind it?
0 points,1 month ago
Hey ec1warc1, excuse us for the confusion. Our site is going through modifications at this time. That type of information will be populated once the update is complete. In the meantime you can view some of the main members on our team on the website.
0 points,1 month ago
Thank you. The website should be listed in the description. It includes the information needed to understand the proposal.
0 points,1 month ago
It seems like all of the pages say "Hello World"!
1 point,1 month ago
Two questions I need to be answered before I can judge this proposal. Since you are planning on starting in Bogotá have you been in contact with George Donnelly who is leading the Dash adoption in Columbia? If Yes how are you planning on cooperating?
Second, it's very good that people can pay in dash but one thing I think might be even more important is that the drivers can paid in Dash. We are seeing more and more merchants accepting Dash in the Venezuela and Columbia but what is still missing is people earning dash.
0 points,1 month ago
I'll also point out that George and ABEE have had some interactions on the Dash Forum worth reading in their pre-proposal.
0 points,1 month ago
Hello thanks for taking your time to ask this question.

Yes, Ernesto kindly put us in contact with George. He is located in Medellín and we are planning to expand in Bogotá; he mentioned that he is standing by to assist us and he has previously lived in Bogotá so we are more than willing to collaborate with him in this region. Some of our team has been in Bogotá now assessing the scene and laying some of the groundwork to start our seeding process and we plan on reaching out to George with some of our findings to see if he has any ideas of his own that could compliment our expansion.

Yes, riders can pay in Dash and that payment goes straight to the driver so to your point, drivers will be earning in Dash. Essentially solving the chicken and the egg problem that all technology platforms must tackle, while simultaneously helping Dash solve this same issue by incentivizing riders to have a direct portal to obtain Dash, a service to use Dash, and then have drivers get paid in Dash to use elsewhere. For this pre-launch into Bogota we won’t be accepting cards as payment on ABEE, only Dash. This is to help drive the education and facilitation of Dash to meet our goal of having thousands more people knowledgeable on Dash and how to use it on ABEE before our main launch.
0 points,18 days ago
Late reply but just wanted to say that I am voting for you.